A Remedy: Not Only for the Economy

A businessman from Singapore talks about inovations of the so-called Economy of Communion, which will help to overcome the economic crisis during Corona times. It is inspired by Chiara Lubich´s message.

Video in English.

  • The Economy of Communion - inspirations of  the Economy of Communion or Pope Francis economy in time of COVID-19 crisis.
  • Lesson from Singapore about transforming the economy after the crisis.
  • The role of China: How to make ethical business with China?


Lawrence Chong

Co-founder and CEO of Consulus, innovation and consultancy company. He is global strategist and speaker on Innovation, Business Design for Transformation and Economy of Communion. Consulus helps to redesign business models, organisational cultures, and brand experiences, so their clients can develop in-house capabilities to enable them to innovate more effectively and meet the complex challenges of the 4th industrial revolution. His approach is influenced by ideas from the Focolare, a global movement committed to building a united world.


Stanislav Lencz

Country Director for Consulus Slovakia and Regional Director for Consulus Europe. He is devoted to making organisations, technology, communication and processes serve people. He studied Mathematics and Physics on Comenius University, Slovakia and a 2-year course on Theology, Philosophy, Sociology and Social Ethics in Italy. In his free time, he devotes himself to various volunteering and community development projects in Slovakia and abroad.


Martin Sepp

Chairman of the Plaut Slovensko, s.r.o., consulting company providing business process reengineering services, IT services, e-business and e-government solutions. Martin Sepp previously worked for US company Sybase and as IT director in Government Office of Slovak Republic.