Video in polish.

  • What do the Church´s reactions to the crisis tell us about today world´s faith?
  • Could the Fatima secrets help us understand the spiritual significance of the current crisis?
  • Should today´s Christians change something in order to be the light and hope for the world?

Grzegorz Gorny

Reportér, esejista, publicista a televízny producent. Gorny je zakladateľom portálu a autorom 30 kníh, z ktorých 6 vyšlo aj v angličtine a 1 v slovenčine. Momentálne píše pre týždenník Sieci a portál

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Arkadiusz Stelmach

He is an editor for the and magazine Polonia Christiana that was established in order to fight to defend Christianity and Christian civilisation. He is also vice president of Father Piotr Skarga Association for Christian Culture.