• How not to dig the talents into the ground?
  • How to fully spend time at the university – On God’s glory and our joy?
  • Why university student should be studying in the first place?

In Slovakia today, everyone is expected to go to university. For many, studying and getting a degree is more of a formality than something to be truly passionate about - an opportunity to grow in breadth and depth. Moreover, the faithful student on the cusp of college is faced with the question of not only how to "enjoy" this time and how to acquire skills that will someday pay well, but also how to discover his or her talents and mission.

Two members of the Ladislav Hanus Community with experience of studying in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, England, Germany, Italy and elsewhere, currently still working at different universities, will reflect together on how not to waste the time of college, but how to live it to the fullest. And alongside this, with author Samuel Trizuljak and a special guest, they will launch the book Na výške do hĺbky: 33 rád pre veriacich študentov v Bratislave, na Oxforde alebo kdekoľvek inde.

Samuel Trizuljak

Samuel Trizuljak

Samuel Trizuljak studied political science and history at the universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Heidelberg. His interest in the history of Catholic thought is further developed as a PhD student at Charles University in Prague. As a lecturer he cooperates with the Ladislav Hanus Society and the Anton Neuwirth College. As a speechwriter, he has worked for several politicians, most recently for the Minister of Defence Jaroslav Naď. His book At Height to Depth: 33 Advice to Faithful Students in Bratislava, Oxford or elsewhere was published in September 2021.


Šimon Sádovský

Šimon Sádovský works as a university teacher at Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics of Comenius University. During his doctoral studies he was interested in the regular languages and automata, which are also the main topics of his university lectures now. He also makes a living at programming. He is a member of SLH, where he leads some lessons within the year academic programme. He particularly likes the lessons about G.K.Chesterton´s book Orthodoxy. In his free time, he usually enjoys hockey, vineyard and spends time conserving the ruins of Katarínka. He is married. Although he lives in Bratislava together with his wife, he is proud of his rural origin.


Karin Rajská

Karin Rajská studied Journalism and European studies, but then she became attracted by project and event management. She was involved in organizing some book events and later, as an office manager in SLH, she participated in organizing Bratislava and Košice Hanus days. She helps with formation-academic programmes within SLH and it is exactly the education and formation of catholic youth, which means so much to her. That is why she would like to stay in this area after her return from maternity leave.