With Mary Bartalos, about conversions, about the search for female identity in a fluctuating world, about the tensions between the roles of actress and mother, about the key relationships of her life, about her finding and losing her faith, about her doubts... About what is most important, most difficult, most beautiful. The 30% student, senior and disabled discount can be applied directly when you buy your ticket at Inviton.

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Introducing our speakers!

Maria Bartalos

Mária Bartalos

Mária Bartalos is a mother of two children and a well-known TV actress from the series Kukučka or Oteckovia. She also played the main role in the miniseries Trhlina. She is currently on maternity leave and devotes herself full-time to her family.


Juraj Šúst

He graduated in philosophy at Trnava University. He serves as the President of the Ladislav Hanus Fellowship and co-organizes the Bratislava / Košice Hanus days festival. He is the editor-in-chief of Verbum, a magazine for contemporary Christian culture. He also works as a script editor for the RTVS discussion program Do kríža and is also involved in civic activities, especially in the field of pro-life.