Why (don't) I believe?

What if faith(lessness) is right?

What have I lost the most and gained the most in my life?

What is the reflection on the journey from member of Focolare Movement to liberal critic of the Church and, in contrast, from a journalist working in the tabloid media to a blogger writing about the beauty of faith and the meaningfulness of life in the Church? We are in for an open, honest, heartfelt (and slightly polemical?) conversation about life, faith and prejudice.

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Introducing our speakers!


Katarína Šedivá

Katarína Šedivá studied journalism at the University of Vienna. She is currently on maternity leave.Otherwise, she makes her living from copywriting and social media marketing. She also used to write for fashion magazines. Currently, she publishes articles on Slovo+ or bezhranicnalaska.sk. She loves the depth of the Catholic faith, the search for truth and the conversion of the laity.

Tomáš Hudák

Tomáš Hudák

Tomas is a stand-up comedian, screenwriter and former journalist. He started in 2006 at the daily newspaper SME and later worked in the TV news of Markíza and RTVS. As a stand-up comedian he performs with the group Silné reči. In Slovak Radio he is behind the entertainer Rehearsal of Sirens with Sam Trnka.

Samuel Trizuljak

Samuel Trizuljak

Samuel Trizuljak studied political science and history at the universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Heidelberg. His interest in the history of Catholic thought is further developed as a PhD student at Charles University in Prague. As a lecturer he cooperates with the Ladislav Hanus Society and the Anton Neuwirth College. As a speechwriter, he has worked for several politicians, most recently for the Minister of Defence Jaroslav Naď. His book At Height to Depth: 33 Advice to Faithful Students in Bratislava, Oxford or elsewhere was published in September 2021.