Hope for Hard Time

Hope with a Capital H. Speaking about death and resurrection in crisis times.

American Catholic theologist, convert, author of various bestsellers, St. Paul Bible Study Centre founder and father to six children Scott Hahn. He will speak about the meaning of death for Christians, resurrection and hope during tough times. This is also the subject he is dealing with in his new book Hope to Die, which was published two weeks ago. He will be ready to answer any questions you may have after the lecture. This event will be streamed in both English and Slovak.

Special thanks for supporting this event goes to his Excellency Mons. Jozef Haľko.

Video in english


Scott Hahn

Scott Hahn is an American Catholic theologian and apologist, member of Opus Dei, and former pastor of the Presbyterian Church. He wrote Our Journey to the Catholic Church (Rome Sweet Home) about his conversion. Hahn is particularly interested in early Christianity and the Church Fathers. He is often referred to by the nickname "Luther Upside Down" because his conversion to Catholicism was followed by a larger number of Presbyterian pastors and Bible scholars.