• Why does the Pope criticize the functioning of the current economy?
  • In what ways is the Pope's vision inspiring?
  • Can an economy be both sustainable and just?

The Economy of Francesco is a project that focuses mainly on young economists, entrepreneurs and academics with the aim of giving the economy a soul to become more just, fraternal and sustainable. This project takes inspiration from Francis of Assisi and his example of caring for the poorest of the poor, as well as from Pope Francis and his social encyclicals, in which he analyses the state of contemporary society, names the trouble spots of the free market, the inequalities in the economic system and calls for a renewal of the economic model, with the aim of returning to the centre of the economy the human being and his care. It could be argued that this subject is the exclusive preserve of economists. But is economics, being a social science, really only about the amount of gross domestic product or profit maximisation? Should it not also have a broader dimension, such as social, values, etc.?


Ján Kovalčík

Ján Kovalčík is a senior analyst. Previously, he worked at the Institute for Economic and Social Reforms (INEKO), where he focused on producing analyses and formulating recommendations to make public policies more effective - especially in transport and healthcare. Since autumn last year, he has been a member of the Recovery Plan team at the Government Office.


Roman Češka

Roman Češka is a former Czech politician and ex-chairman of the executive committee of the National Property Fund. He is a co-founder of the successful consulting company Value Added. In addition to economic studies, he also studied theology and worked for 16 months as the chief economist of the Prague Archdiocese. As he says, if he can choose, he would rather talk to people about faith than about economics. :)


Karol Zeleňák

Karol Zeleňák works at the National Bank of Slovakia as an expert in the area of financial stability of the financial sector. Prior to that, he worked for about 10 years as a public finance analyst and was part of the macroeconomic forecasting team. He was a consultant to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the area of public finance. He is an external advisor to the CCC on church finance.

Jan Heriban

Ján Heriban

Editor-in-chief of nm.sk. Graduated in mass media communication in Trnava. Worked as an editor and presenter in the Bratislava studio of Radio Lumen and has collaborated with the religious and sports editorial staff of RTVS. He is married and lives in Bratislava.