• What does the Bible teach us about the ethics of sexuality?
  • How to interpret the Bible – on the basis of Tradition or according to the “spirit of the times”?
  • And how to talk about sexual morality without hurting it?

“There is no passage in the Bible where we could find an argument, to claim in all conscience that the marriage is something else than a whole life bond between one man and one woman and the real intimacy is something else than a sexual intercourse between the man and the woman who are in the marriage.” This is a quote from the statement of Evangelical Church of The Augsburg Confession´s bishops presented at an evangelical conference about homosexuality - Let´s walk together. The Catholics are clear about this matter, but in many protestant churches, these basic theological facts are still being discussed with passion. At KHD festival we bring a discussion between two protestant theologists about what the Bible teaches about sexuality, homosexual tendencies, and sexual ethics. Samuel Jezný, an author posting in SME journal, is going to represent the liberal wing and Samuel Javornický, a postgraduate student at Comenius University, is going to stand for the conservative one.


Samuel Javornický

He studied religion studies, classical philology and archaeology at Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno and history of Islam and Arabic language in Egyptian city of Damanhur. He finished his doctoral studies of John Finnis´s moral philosophy at Faculty of Arts and Letters of Catholic University in Ružomberok. Nowadays he teaches medical Latin at Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin. He is interested in biblical studies, patristics, Islam, theology and philosophy. His interest is focused particularly on homosexuality and sexuality topics in biblical and patristic letters, as well as on the history of reformation, Islamic fundamentalism and natural law theory. Firstly, he was a Roman Catholic, then he joined the Methodist protestant church.


Samuel Jezný

Samuel Jezný graduated in theology at Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague, where he continues in his doctoral studies now. He is interested in Russian semiotics and also writes posts for SME journal.

ondrej-minik22 (1)

Ondrej Kolárovský

Theologist, teacher, communicator, and the founder of “idea-list” think tank. He comes from Bratislava Rača. He studied theology at Evangelical Lutheran Theological Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava and one semester at The Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, USA. He used to work as a teacher, and later as a church administrator too. He is a co-founder of the church choir Košice-Terasa, as well as the church maternity school, and social-missionary project The children of Africa.