A lecture on why the future of civilization depends on true religion.
  • What constitutes idolatry today?
  • If we reject secularism, won't that create a theocracy?
  • How to give religion the space it deserves in public life?

Scott Hahn is a brilliant speaker and one of the most respected and influential theologians of our time. In his talk, he will discuss why faith is not only personal, but necessarily social, and how true religion is the foundation of society and civilization. What does this imply for the life of a society that wants to be pluralistic and secular? Does conversion concern only the individual or also society? How to live a personal relationship with Christ also in public life?

A Slovak translation of Scott Hahn's book, Je to dôstojné a správne (It Is Right and Just), will be launched at the event, and a short book signing will follow the event. The book will be available for purchase on site, but we encourage you to buy and read it ahead of time. You can find it in our e-store.

The 30% student, senior and disabled discount can be applied directly to the purchase of a ticket at Inviton.

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided for this event.


Scott Hahn

Scott Hahn is an American Catholic theologian and apologist, member of Opus Dei, and former pastor of the Presbyterian Church. He wrote Our Journey to the Catholic Church (Rome Sweet Home) about his conversion. Hahn is particularly interested in early Christianity and the Church Fathers. He is often referred to by the nickname "Luther Upside Down" because his conversion to Catholicism was followed by a larger number of Presbyterian pastors and Bible scholars.

Michal Polgár

Michal Polgár

He is a husband and father of two. At work he is responsible for identifying new business opportunities for Slovak navigation software in foreign markets. He pursued studies in international economic relations and focused on cultural diplomacy in his dissertation. He is currently continuing his studies in theology.