• What do churches offer to the secular world?
  • Do we need to invent new ways of evangelism?
  • What challenges does the church face today?

Many today complain that the church is not reaching them. What can we change to make the church attractive today? Some want to focus more on the liturgy, others want to get out of the church and welcome everyone. How to deepen and at the same time pass on the faith? How to engage the world while remaining faithful to the Gospel? Do we lose something if we open ourselves up? And what does it really mean to open up?

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Ivan Eľko

Ivan Eľko

Ivan Eľko is a Slovak evangelical clergyman who has served as the General Bishop of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia since 2018. After studying at the Evangelical Divinity Faculty of the Charles University in Bratislava, he worked as a pastor in Kostolno, Krajno and Nitra. In March 2019, he became chairman of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in the Slovak Republic.


Mons. Jan Graubner

Mons. Jan Graubner is a Czech Roman Catholic clergyman, Archbishop of Prague and Metropolitan of the Czech Republic (since 2022). He has been the President of the Czech Bishops' Conference since 2020. He has chosen as his episcopal motto: Quod dixerit vobis facite! (transl. ´Do whatever he tells you´, Jn 2:5)

Jan Heriban

Ján Heriban

Editor-in-chief of nm.sk. Graduated in mass media communication in Trnava. Worked as an editor and presenter in the Bratislava studio of Radio Lumen and has collaborated with the religious and sports editorial staff of RTVS. He is married and lives in Bratislava.