PLATO'S CAVE: Useless philosophising?

A lecture and talk on why (not only) believers need philosophy.
  • What is philosophy for?
  • Can it help when I am losing faith?
  • Why wise, it is not enough to love?

Philosophy is a tedious, complex, boring debate, a bending of words, a pagan substitute for religion... Or, on the contrary, is it the only way to understand reality, the facilitator and guardian of faith? An interview with Thomistic philosopher Peter Dvořák on the relationship between philosophy and Christian faith and whether philosophy has anything to offer for a better life.

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Introducing our speakers!


Petr Dvořák

Peter Dvořák is a philosopher and researcher in the Institute of Philosophy at the Czech Academy of Sciences. Since 2010 he has been leading a team at the Department for the Study of Ancient and Medieval Thought, which deals with philosophy, logic and theology from pre-Socratic times to the early modern period. Peter Dvořák's research focuses on the history of scholastic philosophy and logic in relation to contemporary analytic philosophy.


Juraj Šúst

He graduated in philosophy at Trnava University. He serves as the President of the Ladislav Hanus Fellowship and co-organizes the Bratislava / Košice Hanus days festival. He is the editor-in-chief of Verbum, a magazine for contemporary Christian culture. He also works as a script editor for the RTVS discussion program Do kríža and is also involved in civic activities, especially in the field of pro-life.