BHD LIGHT: Turn to me with all your heart

A place to be quiet in the hustle and bustle of a summer evening.

During the evening adoration in the Church of St. Stephen (Capuchins), we would like to offer all visitors a time of rest from worldly cares, to stop and rest in silence, in a personal encounter between ourselves and the Heavenly Father. Let us, at least for a moment, lay aside the burdens of everyday life, turn to God with all our hearts and let ourselves be renewed. In the peaceful setting of the church, bowing before the Holy Eucharist, we can give thanks and praise to Him, bring our joys and our sorrows to Him. In personal prayer, we will be surrounded by flickering candlelight and uplifting sacred music.

Free admission.

PLEASE NOTE: This event will not be broadcast as part of an online season pass.