• Should conservatism get out of the secular matrix?
  • Has the war in Ukraine convicted liberals of emotivism?
  • How can Catholics begin to create culture again?

The Verbum talk show will offer three tastings from the new issue of the Verbum Journal. How can we think about culture and politics as Christians? As Catholics? And at the intersection with the secular world? In the first duel, political philosophers Marián Kuna and Juraj Šúst will discuss conservative attitudes toward the secular state. The second duel will be between Michal Čop, editor of the daily Štandard, and Christian Heitmann, editor of the daily Postoj, on the war in Ukraine and the culture wars in Slovakia. The last, non-political discussion will be about the search for a Catholic café - guests will be journalist Ivana Šalgová and student of restoration Samuel Horváth. In addition, we will introduce and celebrate the new issue of the Journal for Christian Culture. The Verbum talk show will be hosted by Ján Tkáč, creative manager of Verbum magazine.


Marián Kuna

Slovak philosopher and university teacher. After studying philosophy in Bratislava, Budapest and York, he received his doctorate in Philosophy from Comenius University in Bratislava. He is an associate professor at the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Arts of the Catholic University in Ružomberok. He specializes in contemporary moral, legal and political philosophy, especially virtue ethics and the issue of legitimate limitation of hate speech in a democratic society. He held research fellowships at the University of Oxford, the University of St. Andrews and the University of Notre Dame. He published the books Introduction to Virtue Ethics and Ethics and Politics in the Perspective of Alasdair MacIntyre.


Juraj Šúst

He graduated in philosophy at Trnava University. He serves as the President of the Ladislav Hanus Fellowship and co-organizes the Bratislava / Košice Hanus days festival. He is the editor-in-chief of Verbum, a magazine for contemporary Christian culture. He also works as a script editor for the RTVS discussion program Do kríža, appears in the Reflektor program on Devín radio and is also involved in civic activities, especially in the field of pro-life.

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Christian Heitmann

The native of Pressburg, studied history in Vienna and Zagreb, and continues his studies in Eastern European Studies in Regensburg and Munich. He writes on foreign and security policy for the daily Postoj, and previously worked as a student assistant at the Collegium Carolinum research institute in Munich in a project on the religious history of Slovakia in the 20th century. He specializes mainly in the Balkans, Russia and Ukraine, and is currently involved in a research project on the history of infrastructure in Yugoslavia.

Michal Čop

Michal Čop

He is the dramaturg of the Hanus days festival and a member of the editorial board of the daily Štandard. He graduated in political science, is a graduate of Anton Neuwirth College and a member of the Ladislav Hanus Society. He lives in Snina.


Ivana Šalgová

Ivana Šalgová is a journalist and creative woman with a wide range of topics she is interested in. She has been a member of the SP community since her high school days and was at the beginning of the Godzone evangelization project, for which she also worked for several years. She graduated in journalism and has worked as a journalist for .weekly, RTVS online news and in cooperation with the conservative daily Postoj. Her great hobby is fountains, which she sees as an important element in public space.

2021 Rím 10

Samuel Horváth

Samuel Horváth comes from Bratislava and is a student of restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. Since last year he has been a member of the Ladislav Hanus Society. He is interested in old and contemporary visual art and its relationship with religion and liturgy.

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Ján Tkáč

Creative manager of Verbum magazine. He worked as head of communications at the Pontifical Foundation ACN - Aid to the Suffering Church. He studied music at the Department of Music Education, Faculty of Education at Comenius University and later conducting and church music at the University of Cambridge. He complemented his musical studies with philosophy and theology at summer schools and courses in Central Europe and the USA. He has worked in the area of communication for various media as an editor and presenter and collaborates on civic, charitable and political campaigns. As a music educator, he collaborates with the educational group Citadela. His texts can be found in Postoj, Štandard, SME, or in .tyzden. He is a former president of the Alumni Society of Kolegium Antona Neuwirtha and a member of the Ladislav Hanus Society. He currently works as an advisor to Miriam Lexmann, Member of the European Parliament.