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Ján Tkáč

He is involved in the creation of Verbum magazine in the field of creativity. He has worked as head of communications at the ACN Pontifical Foundation - Aid to the Suffering Church. He studied music at the UK Faculty of Education and the University of Cambridge. He complemented his musical studies with philosophy and theology at summer schools and courses in Central Europe and the USA. He has worked in media and communications in a variety of outlets as an editor and presenter, working on civic, charitable and political campaigns. As a music educator, he has worked with the Citadel Elementary School. His texts can be found in Postoj, Štandard, the daily SME, or in .week. He is a past president of the Anton Neuwirth College Alumni Society and a member of the Ladislav Hanus Society. He is currently working in the team of Miriam Lexmann, Member of the European Parliament.